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Hi guys, this is Massimo Musumeci (massmux). I am a physicist, graduated in 1997, a Bitcoin researcher and Lightning backend developer. I produce didactic contents. Here i collect tips, snippts, notes and more for Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystem.

GPG: 6BFDA585632CF9F148177C53917BBC89F01013EC
Nostr: npub1sej07d37lnfk592wlh9uv2dy68jv2y0ez98p6dw7w0llx89hswesvs5fqm

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Physicist (MSc), #Bitcoin Lightning Network developer, Researcher. https://bitcoinvoucher.bot | https://sats.mobi | Nostr: ⚡️ go@massmux.com | http://linktr.ee/massmux